Well-known for its luxury beach hotels, Mauritius has lately experienced a new trend, leading to the construction of alternative accommodation. And as we are an enterprise that endorses a sustainable policy, we naturally encourage travellers to explore the many exciting possibilities that present themselves to accommodate them now. To us, guest houses are a great way to get to know the island: as the host is usually present on the premises, besides spending a leisurely island holiday, guests might get to know much valuable information about their paradise island destination.

There is indeed so much to see, on this tiny island! Mauritius is located beneath the tropic of Capricorn and surrounded by a large barrier reef that provides shelter from the onslaught of the huge blue Indian Ocean and creates a vast turquoise lagoon; ideal for all kinds of water sports, boating, sailing or diving. White sandy beaches invite visitors to just lay down and relax, or build sand sculptures and castles; forgetting the worries of everyday life back home.

Inlands, a multitude of adventure and leisure activities are offered in the many parks, most famous of course the Black River Gorges National Park with its emerald forests and rare species.

Island history involves a multitude of cultures and takes place, in a most enticing way, in the kitchen. The results of this melting-pot fusion-cuisine are indeed one of the highlights of any stay in Mauritius! Visitors will enjoy themselves greatly, discovering the many facets of this Indian Ocean island paradise and we are happy to contribute, through our shared know-how and our specialised services, to their exotic dream-holiday.